Sunday, 28 January 2018

Road Trip

Today cousin and I decided to go to Kaitaia. We were going to leave in the morning but Papa needed the car. It was 1230 by the time we left.  We made good time and managed to get to Kaitaia around 2pm. We totally stopped in at McDonald's where I broke my fast with McDonald's.  Soo totally worth it.  

Stopped in to meet and see some of my cousins friends for an hour before we decided last minute that we'd head out to the beach. Hopped into this big old massive van then off to the beach we went.  I have no idea why we went to the beach.   As beautiful as it was, all we did was drive on the beach. People watch for all of 30 minutes before we left to head back to Whangape.

Smashed back fish and chips for dinner before.  Some random Maori's gave us some fish to take home only to find out when we got it that it was a head haha!  That went into the bin because Papa wouldn't want to eat that.  

All in all an awesome day and as much as my cousin is all up in my space it's been nice getting to know him and spending time together.

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