Thursday, 18 January 2018

Surgical Madness

This morning was crazy.  Bren and Ismael came in to see me after their morning surgery. Scopped down my trachy. Said everything looked good that my talking was really awesome anddd then they decided to do surgery. Crazy. Half an hour later I was signing consent forms, meeting the anesthetist and I was wheeled downstairs for surgery.

My veins aren't the best. They collapse as soon as you put a line in. It always happens and I always feeling bad for the nurses who have to keep stabbing me to get a line in. They hate it but I'm so use to it. Once we'd got into the OR the anesthetist went to put a line in. Told him he needs the ultrasound machine and that my best vein is the one in my right arm. The cuff was on that arm so he tried the left. Didn't work but I knew it wouldn't.  Went for the right arm and it worked a charm. Told them they should have listened to me. Once that was in I was dead to the world.

Surgery was over and done with in an hour.
Don't remember any of it but I did wake up unsettled and uneasy which isn't good. I was crying for some stupid reason and my breathing was all crazy lol. Probably worked myself up into a frenzy.  The flap they did last time is still a bit bulky so they lasered it put in three sutures changed my trachy to a size 6 instead of a 7 and now we wait. I've got an in clinic appointment set for February 8th and then we go from there.

Once I was back in my room I had super low blood pressure. Checked twice in the space of an hour and it had gone from 90 to 85. I was dehydrated so smashed back 500ml of IV fluids in an hour and I'm on a 1L bag to get through at a slower rate. I'm also on humidified air which I'm always on when I'm here.

This afternoon when my nurse came around to do obs I wanted to check how accurate my heart rate was with the fitbit and the machine they have here anddd it's 100% on point. Nicely done. I wasn't sure if it would match but it totally did. Lol.

Things are slowly looking up which I'm super excited about. I still can't breath without the trachy but eventually once the majority of the bulkyness of the flap goes down we will look at capping the trachy and seeing if I can breath properly.  Home tomorrow so that will be awesome.

2018 is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see how it goes. It started off amazing and it's only going to get better. My Health both surgical and physical. Relationships. Friendships. Family. Lots of travel. Life can only get better from here.

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