Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Tuesday Travels

Today we went for brunch and just walked around the beach. It was muggy so we didn't stay long. But it was nice to get out and about. Went to a random little Cafe across the road from the beach as well. Food wasn't too bad. I ordered poached eggs with Salmon told M they needed to learn how to plate properly lol. He ordered a toasted sandwich which looking back I almost wished I'd got it for myself. They did however have an awesome drink. Watermelon. Ginger. Beetroot and mint.  Super yummo. Then they served their water in random funky glasses but it was a good early afternoon out.

Checked out a few shops. Picked up some stuff from the supermarket and made some yummo dinner. Not sure why I ate so early but it was totally worth it. Steak. Corn. Broccolinni and Tomatoes lol. Random dinner. 

It's nearly 6pm here and I'm smashed. I didn't sleep so well last night and was awake three times so maybe I'll try to have an early night or something.

Heading home Thursday so maybe tomorrow we can see a movie or something. It's been an interesting couple days but I'm enjoying the trip. It is a bit more muggy but at least we have air  con. I honestly think I'd die without it haha.

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