Wednesday, 17 January 2018

WTF Wednesday

What a crazy stupid day!

I had no motivation to go anywhere today. I couldn't even be bothered going for a walk. By 830am I thought best get out now otherwise I'll regret not going. Got my shoes on grabbed Niko and away we went. I wanted to do 4kms but only managed 3.28km. I was a little disappointed but as a friend said, it's about the progress not the perfection. I think I tired Niko out though because he around the 2km mark he was getting all puffed out then when we did manage to get home all he wanted to do was sit and lay in my lap and die haha.

Papa went out this morning knowing that I had to use to car to come to Auckland. We were waiting all morning for him before I ended up having to get someone to pick me up and check on him. He wasn't locked out of the car like Nan thought but instead he was just watching the races. Nan was all angry haha. I was like, well... I only have to be at the hospital after 2pm so no rush. It was 130pm by the time we left Whangarei. We stopped and got gas in Wellsford as well as some food. Then back on the road to the hospital.

Arrived at the hospital around 430pm quickly came to see Denise before going to check myself in with front desk. You wouldn't believe it but I'm apparently not on the list for surgery tomorrow. I'm also not on the surgery list for the following week. It's been a huge big fuck around. No bed. No room. No surgery and I'm just sitting around like what in the fuck is going on. Called the surgeon and they're going to fit me in for Friday surgery. In the mean time I'll be here taking up a no bed space and bed when I didn't need to come down and I wasn't booked in.  It's just crazy because we had a full on conversation about the date of my surgery yet shit wasn't even booked in. It's hard not to be all angry spice about it but hey, least I'm here and they're managing to fit me in.

Such a crazy insane day. The upside is I'll have time to catch up on sleep anddd I have Netflix to keep me entertained. I think mostly I just want to sleep! For now, I'm resting up on Denise' lazy boy chair blogging this shit out and deciding if I go downstairs for chocolate haha.

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