Thursday, 8 February 2018

Auckland Ventures

This morning I had an appointment at Auckland hospital. It was at 8am so I woke at 440am to leave home around 5am. It was a good drive until I hit Auckland and the hectic traffic. Traffic was backed up all the way from Silverdale to the Harbour Bridge and it reminded me of why I don't miss Auckland or its crazy traffic. Sent a photo to a friend who asked if there was an incident on the road. No, no incident just everyday traffic.

I arrived just before 8am but as I was waiting to catch the lift up my surgeon was waiting to so we were all late haha. My appointment went well. My talking is really good. The flap they did is still a bit bulky so they're going to do more surgery. I'm booked in for 2 weeks time which I need to sort with school as I've enrolled for school which starts the Monday then I have to be in Auckland the Wednesday for surgery Thursday. Crazy times. 

I also managed to take some new fat photos as well. It's been nearly 5 months since I started on my journey of better health. My first lot of photos I'd taken at the hospital so while I was there today I took some more. Loving how I'm feeling and looking. Would like to drop a few more kgs so will work on that a little more now. Loving my life at the moment and the future plans I have. Life can only get better. 

Monday, 5 February 2018


Last night I decided that I'd wake up and go for a walk before having my morning phone call with M. It's been nearly 3 weeks since I last went and I knew I needed to get back into it.

Woke up at 730am and got ready to head out. I won't lie, I totally didn't want to go at all. But I got my shoes on. Got my music going and went for a walk.

It wasn't as far or as long as I'd have liked to have gone but as I told M this morning there were four things I learnt on this walk.

One: Don't push myself to feel like I SHOULD do x amount of steps/kms in one walk because this morning I could feel like my heart was working a little harder than normal sooo I did the shorter route rather than the longer one.

Two: I need to go more often because even though my breathing sucks I'm unfit hence my heart working harder.

Three: I'm probably going to walk from 630am rather than 730am but I'll see how I feel. I hate waking up sooo probably won't happen.

And Four: Be motivated by the walk I did do rather than discouraged because it wasn't "long" enough.

I managed 2.6kms this morning and even though I have this mindset of I need to do 10,000 steps in a day anddd at least 6km I know that 2.6kms is still better than nothing.  Back into walking and moving it to 630am will work better for when I'm back at school.

Weigh in day today but our scales are broken sooo I'll weigh in next week. Oh and in clinic appointment Thursday at Auckland hospital. Public holiday tomorrow. Should be a good week.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Yet Another Road Trip

I'd stayed up till 4am playing my silly FB game that I'm totally addicted too and got around 4 hours of sleep when I woke up thinking to myself... okay this event is much needed and I am going to spend all day playing this game.

Unfortunately for me, Adam decided that he wanted to come home today.  I don't know what happened to coming home tomorrow but he was all dead set coming back today and asked me to come and pick him up.  At the beach.  He can be annoying at times.  I dragged J along again and off we went to Ahipara to get Adam.  Made awesome time and got to Mangamuka in an hour.  We still had probably another 30 minutes to go.  Once we'd got to the beach Adam and his useless directions of come here I'm on the side of the road turned into me getting all annoyed at the fact that he doesn't even know how to give directions, he's a fuck around anddd next time he's take himself north.

It was an awesome day to be driving and it was good to see the beach again.  A lot of people were out at the beach as well.  Snapped a quick photo before telling Adam we were leaving.  I wanted to get home and I was over the drive.  Over 650kms in the last two days I didn't want to do anymore driving.  I also made Adam drive home.  Worst decision because I forgot how gross it is to drive through the gorge as a passenger.  Not good.

We did stop in Ohaeawai though and grab an ice cream. Seriously, one of the best ice cream places out if you're headed north.  Everyone needs to stop there. Won't lie, I'm happy to be home and I'm about to get some sleep.  I'm shattered!!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Driving North

Last night Adam decided that he wanted to head north for the long weekend so he looked into getting a rental and driving north after he'd finished work.  He managed to find a Ute that he was keen on and booked it all online.  This morning he decided not to go to work as he'd injured himself earlier in the week so off we went to pick up the rental.

We'd arranged to pick up the rental at the airport.  Get there for a 10pm pick up only to find that no one is there waiting for us.  We'd been waiting 15 minutes when a mum had come in with her son and her baby.  I thought they were flying out of town or waiting for someone but no her son LOVES planes so instead of going to playcentre she decided to bring him to the airport to look at the planes. Such an awesome thing to do.  Oh and I also watched her baby while she went to change her son as he's toilet training and forget to tell his mum he needed to go until it was too late.

Cousin was getting annoyed waiting for the rental so by the time we'd managed to get in touch with someone they were unsure of when we'd even get the rental.  After waiting 40 minutes we gave up on them, cancelled the booking and decided to keep looking for another one. Almost every rental company was out of cars.  I'm guessing they all decided to do what Adam did and get away for the long weekend.  Either that or bus to Whangarei and get a rental here.

After spending 2 hours trying to pick up a rental and getting home we gave up and went home. It was a fun adventure out even if we didn't get a rental.  Grandparents weren't happy he was getting a rental.  Papa kept telling Adam that it was cheaper for him to just buy a Ute and pay it off rather than rent one.  When we went home empty handed Nan said it was the fate and will of the card God's that he didn't get a rental.

Adam did however decided that he did still want to head north so he paid me $100 to drive him up and then go and pick him up Sunday. Easy but long drive to make $100.  Totally worth it though and I honestly did a drop and go.  I also dragged J along with me as a friend.  Oh and we stopped in at world famous Kawakawa toilets because J needed to go.  Long day filled with adventure so happy to be home.