Saturday, 3 February 2018

Yet Another Road Trip

I'd stayed up till 4am playing my silly FB game that I'm totally addicted too and got around 4 hours of sleep when I woke up thinking to myself... okay this event is much needed and I am going to spend all day playing this game.

Unfortunately for me, Adam decided that he wanted to come home today.  I don't know what happened to coming home tomorrow but he was all dead set coming back today and asked me to come and pick him up.  At the beach.  He can be annoying at times.  I dragged J along again and off we went to Ahipara to get Adam.  Made awesome time and got to Mangamuka in an hour.  We still had probably another 30 minutes to go.  Once we'd got to the beach Adam and his useless directions of come here I'm on the side of the road turned into me getting all annoyed at the fact that he doesn't even know how to give directions, he's a fuck around anddd next time he's take himself north.

It was an awesome day to be driving and it was good to see the beach again.  A lot of people were out at the beach as well.  Snapped a quick photo before telling Adam we were leaving.  I wanted to get home and I was over the drive.  Over 650kms in the last two days I didn't want to do anymore driving.  I also made Adam drive home.  Worst decision because I forgot how gross it is to drive through the gorge as a passenger.  Not good.

We did stop in Ohaeawai though and grab an ice cream. Seriously, one of the best ice cream places out if you're headed north.  Everyone needs to stop there. Won't lie, I'm happy to be home and I'm about to get some sleep.  I'm shattered!!

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